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APG President Christine Olson introduces the film "The Greenest Building."

On the evening of March 15, Alhambra Preservation Group screened the award-winning document The Greenest Building at the Alhambra Civic Center Library to a crowd of community members and City officials including Councilmember Steve Placido and City Manager Julio Fuentes.  The award-winning film explored the question “Is a new building the most sustainable choice?” with noted preservationists, architects and green building consultants discussing the environmental impact of demolition, the needs of communities to reflect a “sense of place,” and the proposition that the greenest building may, in fact, be the one that is already built.  The film showcased examples of creatively re-purposed historic buildings that have been upgraded to LEED standards, serving their owners and occupants as 21st Century workplaces while preserving the unique character of their surrounding communities.

Event panelists field questions from attendees.

Following the film, a panel of experts including Dr. Denise Lawrence-Zuniga of the California Polytechnic State University at Pomona’s School of Architecture; Victoria Deise Wilson of the Ratkovich Company; and, Peyton Hall of Historic Resources Group fielded questions from the event attendees. Questions and discussion ranged from an explanation of the Mills Act, which, if Alhambra were a participant, would result in property tax reductions for owners of historic homes to a discussion about the need for grassroots efforts, “Preservation organizations are integral to ensuring that communities retain their historic buildings and maintaining that ‘sense of place’ that is so important to residents,” stated panelist Dr. Denise Lawrence-Zuniga, during the panel discussion.

Another recurring theme discussed in the film was that buildings are the physical manifestations of memories and stories. Are there any Alhambra buildings that evoke memories for you? Share your memories with us. We’d like to hear which of Alhambra’s buildings are included in your own life stories.

Alhambra Preservation Group’s spring event will take place in late May and will focus on the growing resurgence of filming at Alhambra homes and locations. Stay tuned for more details regarding this upcoming event.

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