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Magnifying.glass.Alhambra.croppedThank you to all of our Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt participants for entering and checking out our new and improved website! We hope you enjoyed our contest, had fun solving the riddles and were able to learn something new about Alhambra Preservation Group.

Many of you answered all three scavenger hunt questions correctly, so congratulations to all of you for being expert riddle solvers! Of those who answered correctly, three of you were randomly selected as the winners of this contest. The three winners of the Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt are:

  • Nasrin Aboulhosn, who won our Night on the Town prize package
  • Sharon Holmes, who won our Gamble and Gardens prize package
  • Linda Delaney, who won our Fix It Up! prize package

Congratulations! To our winners, please look for an e-mail from APG next week with additional information about your prizes. To everyone else, stay tuned to our website and blog for more fun contests!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to our sponsors: The Barkley and The Gamble House. Both donated generous prizes and made this contest possible.

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Magnifying.Q3With yesterday’s question, we discovered how to use the Alhambra Preservation Group website to learn about an APG program that is educating residents about Alhambra’s rich architectural history. If you haven’t answered Question One or Question Two yet, it’s not too late to go back and participate!

Now, for the last riddle of our Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt! Can you tell us (1) the name of the builder/owner of Alhambra’s last remaining castle and (2) where in the world, he derived his inspiration? We know you can!

In the early 20th century Alhambra featured
A pair of majestic homes
Castles named Tiree and Pyrenees
From far away lands their builders had roamed

Traveling from an isle and Europe’s continent
Both men found their way to our town
To live and build magnificent abodes
Worthy of those wearing a crown

The Pyrenees Castle only remains today
Perched high on a hill with a grandiose view
Though now hidden by trees and a tall wall
Its details and storied past still intrigue more than a few

For homes like this, APG’s working hard
For future generations, our town’s unique past
And architectural gems like these are worth preserving
Alhambra’s Then and Now, to forever last.

If you’re having a difficult time with this one, we’ll post an additional clue on our Facebook page this afternoon.

Note: When you submit your answer on this last riddle, you’re welcome to let us know your prize preference in the comments section. We can’t guarantee that the three winners will receive their preferred prize package, but it may help them receive the prizes that best suit them. If you need to refresh your memory on the prizes, check them out here! Thanks!


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Magnifying.Q2You all did great with Question 1 of the Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt! We hope you liked learning more about Alhambra Preservation Group and its history! If you haven’t answered question one yet, it’s not too late to go back and participate!

You’ll have to search a little deeper to find the answer to our second riddle. Telling us (1) the architectural style of the house and (2) the name of the APG award its homeowners won means you’ve solved this one! Remember, the answers can be found on APG’s new website. Put your best sleuthing skills to the test!

Every year when leaves fall
APG highlights Alhambra’s best
Who have toiled with love and sweat
Restoring their homes without rest

In 2011 APG featured a home
With a decidedly English style
Located in Alhambra’s Orange Blossom Manor tract
Where oranges once grew for miles

This home with its steep roof
Gables and beautiful half-timbering
Caught APG’s attention
And received an award worth remembering

These awards celebrate Alhambra’s heritage
A few homes at a time
And calls attention to our city’s legacy
Of architectural gems so very fine

If you’re having a difficult time with this one, we’ll post an additional clue on our Facebook page this afternoon at 3 p.m.




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Magnifying.Q1It’s time to get to know Alhambra Preservation Group’s new website with our Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt. Are you ready for the first riddle? Here we go!

You will successfully answer this first riddle by telling us in the “Leave a Reply” section below: (1) the names of Alhambra Preservation Group’s two founders and (2) the title of the page within the website where you found their names.

Good luck!

In 2003 two Alhambrans
Began to speak
Talking about changes to their town
Their interest quickly became piqued.

Together they learned
Of their mutual love of local history
They were interested in preserving it
That was no mystery!

They formed a missioned group
“Educate, Advocate, Build Awareness”
Of Alhambra’s older buildings
Homes, yes, and also business.

For more than a decade
APG’s Board of Directors’ has succeeded
In planning, advocating, educating
But more is still needed.

A preservation ordinance to protect neighborhoods
Would surely take the cake
Because without it, our old homes’ future
Are still very much at stake.

If you’re having a difficult time with this one, we’ll post an additional clue on our Facebook page this afternoon at 3 p.m. Please feel free to reorient yourself with the rules and details of the Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

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Magnifying.glass.Alhambra.croppedWe’re here to announce
APG’s launched a new site
Complete with a game
For three days and three nights.

If you love preservation
Or history’s all the rage,
The answers to our quiz
Can be found on APG’s new page.

As we go forward
There are rules you must heed
On June 6 our blog
Posts the first question to read.

Just past 10 a.m. for three days
We’ll ask you to boast,
“How clever I am!”
By solving each post.

There’s no need to worry,
If you’re Alhambra-wise.
Just answer our riddles
And you may win a prize.

Dinner and a movie
A garden stroll, a hot dog and fries
All sound really groovy
Why not give it a try?

Just before midnight
On three of June’s early days,
Post your answers on our blog
If you’re wanting to play.

So, get out those thinking caps!
Dust off your sleuthing skills!
APG’s Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Starts June 6 for some thrills!


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RulesAlhambra Preservation Group is hosting a Preservation Virtual Scavenger Hunt to introduce our new and improved Alhambra Preservation Group website! The contest will be held over three consecutive days on our Prose of Preservation blog.

Check out the contest details and rules, which are listed below:

More than one winner will be awarded a prize, which increases your chances of winning! There will be a total of three (3) winners who will each win one of three prize packages, which are below. Winners will be selected at random from the pool of entrants who answer all three questions correctly.

The three prize packages include:

A Night On The Town

  • Dinner for two at Barkley’s Restaurant (value to be determined)
  • Two movie tickets to the Renaissance Edwards Movie Theaters (a $25 value)
  • Household membership to Alhambra Preservation Group for 2014-15 for you or a friend (a $20 value)

Gardens and Gamble

Fix It Up!

  • A $25 gift certificate to Crown City Hardware
  • A $25 gift card to DogHaus Restaurant
  • A Household membership to Alhambra Preservation Group for 2014-15 for you or a friend (a $20 value)

CONTEST DATES: June 6, 7 and 8, 2014

CONTEST DETAILS: The contest will take place over three consecutive days. Each day by 10 a.m., a riddle will be posted on the blog and hints will be given in the blog text. Answers must be submitted in the comments section to the corresponding question. All answers in the comment section will be hidden until the end of the contest. Participants may answer each question the day the riddle is posted or answer all the questions by the deadline. All answers can be found on the new Alhambra Preservation Group website!

DEADLINE: June 8, 2014 at 11:59PM

WHO MAY ENTER: Contest is open to all US residents with a valid email address.

WINNER NOTIFICATION: Winners will be announced on June 13, 2014. Winners will be notified by e-mail, on the Prose of Preservation blog and Facebook page. Winners will be required to provide their mailing address, which will be used to fulfill the prize.

If you have any questions in regards to the contest rules and regulations, please ask us in the comment section below.

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