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All across our nation, Americans are actively engaged in efforts to save the places that make our communities special and unique.  In recognition of these many and diverse activities, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has, since 2005, declared the month of May to be National Preservation Month.  We invite you to join this year’s celebration here at home!

We are honoring National Preservation Month with a project designed to raise awareness about the need for adoption of an historic preservation ordinance in Alhambra.  Each Monday in May, we’ll post a new installment of our Mythbusters series.  Much of what passes for “information” on historic preservation is actually just rumor, speculation and myth.  We’d like to set the record straight, and we encourage you to use the factual information you will discover here to educate and inform your friends, neighbors and community leaders.

Each and every individual can make a difference in changing public policy.  If you care about the protection of Alhambra’s unique and irreplaceable buildings and neighborhoods, we invite you to join with us to make historic preservation a vital element of our city’s General Plan.

Check in with us again on Monday, May 7th for the first installment of May Monday Mythbusters.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Imagine our surprise to receive a copy of this letter from an out-of-town guest who attended our March 15th screening of The Greenest Building.

Jeanne Wilkinson was so impressed with our organization and its mission, and so pleased that two of our civic leaders were in attendance at our meeting, that she sat right down and wrote a letter to tell them so.

Here’s what she said:

March 16, 2012

Dear City Manager Fuentes and Councilman Placido,

Thank you for attending the March 15 meeting on historic preservation in Alhambra.  I commend you both for wisely recognizing the profound value that historic preservation plays in protecting property values, promoting civic pride, and safeguarding Alhambra’s aesthetic appeal as a great place to live and do business.

I am a third-generation Alhambran. I attended both Ramona Convent and local public schools. Today, I am the chief financial officer for a multi-million dollar technology transfer firm in Bozeman, Montana which serves as a conduit between Montana State University, the U.S. Department of Defense and the private sector. Bozeman, like Alhambra, is a growing community.  It has a citizenry that is actively engaged in the cause of historic preservation and I should point out that investments made in historic preservation continue to pay huge dividends.

Our historic downtown and residential districts have won national accolades, cementing Bozeman’s reputation as one of the most livable communities in America.  Our local chamber of commerce there uses historic preservation as a selling point in attracting entrepreneurs and new businesses to the community. Historical preservation also has been an engine for our lively arts and thriving tourist economy.

Authenticity matters in today’s world.  I know that both of you recognize the fact that preserving Alhambra’s historic assets gives it a competitive advantage.  I could cite a long list of socio-economic studies showing that communities, which protect their heritage, are more likely to have thriving economies.

For me, Alhambra will always be a place that I proudly call home.  It is heartening to know that our civic leaders here have not lost sight of the qualities that make this community different from “Anytown USA.”  I strongly encourage you to keep working with those who advocate for historic preservation. You will never regret it. There is not a more dedicated group of citizens with vision in all of the San Gabriel Valley.

Sincerely yours,

Jeanne Wilkinson

Thank you, Jeanne, for this letter. We appreciate you taking the time to put your thoughts down on paper and are pleased that you were able to attend this APG event. Best of luck with your ongoing preservation efforts in Bozeman. We look forward to seeing you during your next visit home to Alhambra!

Photo Courtesy of Shenzhenstuff.com

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