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Image 6It is with deep sadness that we write of the passing of Lisa Selje, one of Alhambra Preservation Group’s directors, on December 31, 2015. The cause of her death was cervical cancer, for which she had been in treatment since 2011.

Lisa was born on July 21, 1952 in Santa Monica, CA, to Claudia and Richard Selje. She grew up in Claremont and Pasadena, along with her beloved twin sisters Christy and Lori. She attended Pasadena Unified Schools, graduating from Blair High School in the class of 1970. She earned multiple advanced degrees from the University of Southern California. She worked together with her wife and partner, Christine Olson, in their family business of grant development consulting with non-profit organizations.

Lisa’s many academic, athletic, musical, and career achievements were impressive. She asked, rather, to be remembered for three things: her kindness and generosity; her many loving friendships; and her devoted 30-year marriage to Christine.

After a diagnosis of metastatic cancer in 2011, Lisa chose to pursue every possible treatment option that would extend the life she loved so much. She approached each new treatment challenge with courage, hope and optimism. She was grateful for every medical intervention, and she loved her many caregivers at City of Hope, who became dear friends. She never gave up on life.

From the time she was born, Lisa was passionate about music. The most beautiful sound on earth to her was that of the french horn. She loved good writing, especially the novels of Louise Penny. She dreamed of retiring to the (fictional) community of Three Pines, in rural Quebec. She never turned down a cookie that was offered to her.  A devoted Peetnik, Lisa loved meeting friends for coffee.

A memorial fund has been established by friends on behalf of Chris and Lisa, to honor their love for one another. If you would like to make a contribution you may:

e-mail: Barbara@wolfevideo.com
call: Jean Bramer (805) 659-4027
visit: love4chrisandlisa.mydagsite.com

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