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By now, everyone is aware that November 6th is Election Day!  Here in Alhambra, we have one City Council seat in contention.  Elizabeth Salinas and Steve Placido are running against one another, each seeking to represent District 4 on the Council over the next four years.

We at Alhambra Preservation Group wanted to engage with the candidates to learn about, and to inform Alhambra voters of, their positions on historic preservation.  In this spirit, we invited Dr. Placido and Ms. Salinas to sit down with us a few weeks ago for a brief interview to share their views on issues related to our own mission.

We videotaped both interviews, which consisted of their individual responses to five questions posed by APG members and have made them available to the public on our YouTube channel.

We hope that you’ll check them out and get to know our 2012 City Council candidates just a little bit better!

APG’s goal for this project was to add to the availability of reliable and accurate information on the candidates’ positions that will help all of us to make an informed decision at the ballot box.  We believe that we have been successful in this and we’re grateful to both of our City Council candidates for taking the time to participate and to share their positions with the voters.

Most importantly, don’t forget to vote on November 6th!  Every vote matters!

Photo courtesy of creativedc.

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